ServiceNow Asset Management

ServiceNow® Asset Management is today’s emerging gold standard in Asset Management.

The platform uses workflows to automate asset lifecycles. Administrators can track all aspects including the finances, contract management, inventory location and complete asset information. The platform records all actions and transactions to gain full control and audit capabilities from deployment to retirement.

Knowledge Means Control

Optimize Asset investment and provide exceptional services

Efficiency Leads to Savings

Automate lifecycle processes to save on manpower, shrinkage minimize wasted resources and eliminate repetitive tasks

Process Control Mitigates Risk- Lead employees and customers with process flow management to ensure internal and external compliance

Single Source of Information

Maintain all your data in one secure application and remove unnecessary systems or processes. Combine asset business and configuration information by linking the asset repository with the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

Monitor Financial Lifecycle of Assets

Control all associated financial aspects of each asset from acquisition to disposition. These criteria include:

  • Acquisition
  • Lease Cost
  • Warranty Cost
  • User Support
  • Manage Maintenance Contract
  • Labor charges
  • Forecast Usage and Budgets
  • Optimize lifecycle and decision making

Asset Governance Control

Manage Asset allocation in one place the service catalog. With the ServiceNow Service Catalog administrators can:

  • Set and enforce policies
  • Manage service and equipment contracts
  • Automatically validate and approve requests
  • Audit program
  • Control shrinkage and identify unauthorized use


Create reports to fully audit all aspects of asset management to support business goals and control costs. Simplify audits via automation and prevent coverage lapses. With additional RFID and RTLS integration conduct asset management in seconds.

Automate Asset Provisioning

Quickly provide commonly requested goods and repurpose returned assets. Create a purchase order with a single click for requested items that are not in stock. Ordered assets are tracked and, once received, are automatically created in the system. Records are created cleanly from the outset.

ServiceNow® Asset Management  Service Catalog

Create an online “store” for your available assets automatically. Connect OEM data from manufacturers. Manage users accessibility and authorization per business rules and organization policies.

Reports and Dashboards

Get real time transparency into operations with configurable, role based dashboards. Built-in metrics and surveys measure service levels and drive continual service improvement. Identify service improvement and training opportunities. Dig even deeper with time based trends from ServiceNow Performance Analytics.

Contract Management

Assign contracts to team members and leverage the ServiceNow workflow engine to automate the contract approval and renewal process. Track contract terms and conditions as well as payment information, and make them easily searchable with document version control and electronic document storage.

Inventory Management

Control stockroom assets such as hardware and consumables, define physical and logical stockroom hierarchies, and manage inventory and replenishment of each asset with predefined threshold levels. Automate rules to pull stock from a parent stockroom or instructions to buy more.

ServiceNow® Asset Management